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Vision, Mission & Values

The vision of Equinox Global Investments is to create a future for the community where people and business together contribute  to improve the quality of everyday life, ensuring sustainable development in the long term. The user comes in the first place. For this reason, we believe that every idea is worth turning into a project – wisely guided, it has the potential not just to respond to the society’s needs but to set the trends for further growth. Entrepreneurship is the natural key to achieve every goal. Such an attitude allows us to push boundaries forward.

At Equinox we care to express that we have a desire to give something back to the society. It is more than just financing  new leisure, retail or housing developments, such as the North Gate Mall. It is about acting consciously to make  such destinations valid and alive so they enrich the life of Qatari society, not disturbing them in the long run.

Trust in people and personal relationships lie at the core of each initiative taken by our company, bringing the community closer to achieving the Qatar National Vision 2030.