Victor Stanley™ is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of quality site and street furnishings. For their finest collections of benches, litter receptacles, tables and chairs, up to bike racks, planters and ash urns, Victor Stanley uses the best available state-of-the–art technology and quality materials. The company's manufacturing goal is to provide consistent value and quality in each component of their products: in every piece of steel, in every casting, in every piece of recycled plastic, in every piece of hardware, and in every species of wood. Meeting the challenges of changing designs and listening to the invaluable suggestions, requirements, and criticism of landscape architects, architects, cities and municipalities, designers, urban planners, engineers, end-users, and customers throughout the world embodies the company's commitment to produce durable, strong, functional, attractive, and comfortable site furniture.

Victor Stanley has been granted US and worldwide patents on a remarkable system to reinforce recycled plastic slats, an environment-friendly process that results in a product with superior mechanical properties.

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