ItsImagical/ Imaginarium

The Imaginarium concept and all its magic is reflected in the shops and in their dual doorway for children and adults. This powerful phrase is instantly recognisable anywhere in the world.

At Imaginarium shops are designed as magical spaces with music, shapes, colours, vocabulary and even a smell to stimulate the senses and delight children. All this so the little customers can live a totally unique experience.

Desire for constant improvement drives the brand towards an innovative model with wide open spaces, where products on display are within easy reach. Light, colour, themed decor - everything is there to satisfy the new demands of consumers, to continue surprising them, to maximise excitement and satisfaction with the in-shop experience, nd minimise the more tedious aspects of the shopping process.

Imaginarium currently has shops in 25 countries worldwide. In Qatar they can be found under ItsImagical brand name. |

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