Spring renovation at IDdesign

April 5th 2016

IDdesign brand operates with four style groups, covering products for everyone- from the most romantic customer to the most minimalistic, modern one. From April 7 to May 6, Doha based store is offering free consultations with an interior designer. The aim is to find spring renovation ideas and give your home a fresh, new look – all this based on your unique feel of beauty at your interior. Face to face consultation will help you realise which of the four styles offered by ID design most closely meets your personality.

Private consultations are available throughout the month free of charge.
Book now! E-mail marcom@equinox.com.qa to secure your spot.


Date: April 7-May 6, 2016

In the meantime, read more about the four styles by IDdesign and think - does your style at home meet your personality?

Modern classic | calm, warm and sleek
A calm and classic style that exhibits as well as combines both the warm and colder expressions. Gold, silver and geometric forms give it a  timeless character. Vibrantly coloured accessories bring a welcomed warmth to the theme, in particularly, amongst textiles and upholstery. Modern Classic is the perfect example for envisaging minimalistic elements among co-existing elegant and sleek accessories. Expression of timeless style is visible as a combination of both.

Romance | subtle, inspired and peaceful
Calm, subtle and peaceful. Inspired and dreamful. These are the core features of romantic style. In its new expression by IDdesign, the floral and the feminine, typically associated with romance, have been replaced with a more subtle and modern version. The style now is inspired by new boutique hotels based in modern cities. The old subtleness and femininity becomes more contemporary and up-to-date. Small-refined details give it a perfect finish, just as hidden features of a passionate, dreamful lady.

Global | energetic and joyful
Tactile materials and colourful patterns in a range of different qualities and expressions. The creative courage to combine varying and, at times, surprising materials and colours. The colour palette in the global trend is just as varied as the diversity of the world, that it is representative of. At the same time, the global style constructs a universal link of artistic understanding, which to a degree, is deeply rooted in the personal character. The global trend embraces a beautiful profusion of cultures and is a compassionate and open tribute to the world and its divergences.

Nordic | peaceful and balanced
The style is distinct - minimalistic yet elegant, organic yet solid. Transforms elements from nature into light. Delicate, “nude” tones, add style. Nordic interiors call upon light woods and natural materials, however, they are now featured in more stylish combinations of both materials and colours. The Nordic fabrics feature texture and volume, while unveiling delicate winter pastels. Cold and balanced.


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