Corporate Social Responsibility


Equinox Global Investments promotes its corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities based on the conviction that all business activities must take CSR into consideration. The company’s vision, mission and values lie at the core of each initiative, underlining that we create a future for the community where people and business together contribute to improve the quality of everyday life, ensuring sustainable development in the long term.

Such an attitude makes the company aware that whichever new initiative we take, business is never a bottom line. We care to express that we have a desire to give something back to the society. It is more than just financing new leisure, retail  or housing developments, such as the North Gate Mall. It is about acting consciously to make such destinations valid and alive so they enrich the life of Qatari society, not disturbing them in the long run. Acting in harmony with the environment is reflected through conscious planning and implementation of our ideas so next generations approve of our former decisions and deem them as responsible acting towards sustainable future.